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Suite "Fabulous Box"


Suite "Fabulous Box" contemporary music for kids A small experiment in creating modern music for children of 3-5 year of education using unusual techniques of playing, which can serve as an additional impetus to rise of imaginative thinking and interest in the analysis and while performing of these miniatures. The suite "Fabulous Box" contains 12 parts named after the Ukrainian folk tales of the same name, each illustrated with a picture.

COVER DESIGN by Vladyslav Boyko

1. The Magic Pot
2. The Kitten and Mouse
3. Hare the Boaster
4. The Mice Council
5. The Sunny Flower
6. The Goat and Ram
7. Hop-o'-My-Thumb (Issumyoshi)
8. The Turtle and Deer
9. Puss in Boots
10. Nibbly-Quibbly the Goat
11. The Fox and Crayfish
12. The Two Squirrels

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45 pages

Unusual Studies


There is plenty of music sheet for classical guitar of various styles, directions and levels of difficulty. There is also enough methodical literature for all tastes. However, every year there are appearing new schools, methodical collections and exercises. That’s why the art of playing classical guitar is not standing still.
During my pedagogical activity rather often I faced the problem of searching or creating small exercises for a particular technique and solution of a particular problem. What didn’t suit me in the existing studies? First of all, the monotony of technical material (the accent only on the left hand technique of a performer, while the concentration of sound control is mostly in the right hand; a limited quantity of technical methods: arpeggios, chords, passagework technique). Secondly, it’s an amount of musical material. As a rule, the main efforts were aimed to memorize the text, which distracted from the very purpose of etudes, the work on a certain type of technical difficulties.
That is how the collection «Unusual Studies» appeared.
What is their «singularity»?
The collection is conditionally divided into several sections in the order of increasing the complexity of material, and it concludes with three «Concert Studies». They are distinguished by a more developed emotional atmosphere and rather high level of complexity and size. These studies require a certain level of preparation and can diversify a performer’s concert program. Nevertheless, they are only an addition to the basic material, which is focused primarily on the elementary and intermediate levels of training.
When it comes to the “singularity”, focus is shifted to the right hand, with the detailed fingering of the right hand. The fingers «p» and «a» are introduced more actively, paying attention to the alignment of their sound, attack power. It is necessary to strive for full equality of all fingers of the right hand, using fingers «p» and «a» not only when playing bass and melody, but also in arpeggio, passaggio technique (in the middle of an arpeggio or passaggio).
- learning to use touches in a high contrast while playing: staccato/legato. This, in my opinion, is extremely necessary to already assimilate at the initial stage of training.
- active use of the alternation in the musical material of open and closed strings. Control over the strength of the sound of open strings, timbre ratio.
- using the high positions of the guitar’s fingerboard with open strings without excessive physical effort .
- rather small size of studies. This allows to concentrate directly on the technical difficulties, rather than on memorizing.

I hope that this collection will help you to achieve the desired result faster and more effectively, will bring not only methodical benefit, but also aesthetic pleasure

Sketch in Funk from "Unusual Studies"


84 pages

"Disney for kids"
for solo, duet and trio guitars

(for kids of different skills level)


Rather hard and interesting work for the some last months "Disney for kids". Amazing music, unforgettable melodies, nice atmosphere. Over 80 pages of pieces transcrepted for solo, duet and trio guitars especially for kids of different skills level.
Collection also available separately for solo, duet, trio.
Hope you will enjoy.
Special thanks for the cover design to Vladyslav Boiko

Playlist "Disney for kids"

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15 pages

for classical guitar (music for kids)


Prelude No. 1
Prelude No. 2
Prelude No. 3
Prelude No. 4
Prelude No. 5
Prelude No. 6
Prelude No. 7
Prelude No. 8
Prelude No. 9
Prelude No. 10
Prelude No. 11
Prelude No. 12


22 pages

Five suites in different styles for beginners


Suite in modern style
I - Prelude
II - By Circle
III - Reflections
IV - Dance
Suite in classical style
I - Prelude
II - Minuet
III - Saraband
IV - Jig
Suite in Swing style
I - Prelude
II - Walk
III - Dreams
IV - Joking
Suite in Latin style
I - Prelude
II - Tango
III - Milonga
IV - Samba
Polish Suite
I - Polonaise
II - Mazurka
III - Polka
IV - Krakowiak


23 pages

Ukrainian folk songs on guitar (collection 1)


А попід терен
Болить моя голівонька
В кінці греблі шумлять верби
Взяв би я бандуру
Вийди, вийди, сонечко
Віють вітри
Ворскло річка
Гей, гей, а хто лиха не знав
Діброво зелена
Дівчино моя
Дівчино моя 2
Місяць на небі
Ой, зійди, зійди ти, зіронько
Ой, наступила та чорна хмара
Ой, при лужку, при лужку
Ой, у полі три доріжки різно
Сидить дід на печі, на печі
Тихо, тихо Дунай воду несе
Ще сонце не зіходило


22 pages

Ukrainian folk songs on guitar (collection 2)


Дівка в сінях стояла
У полі корчомка
Прилетіли сіри гуси на став жирувати
Чорнії брови, карії очі
Гомін, гомін по діброві
За тучами, за хмарами
Чом ти не прийшов
Чи се ж тая криниченька
Ой, ішов я вулицею раз, раз
Ой, морозе, морозеньку
Ой, там за Дунаєм
Коло млина, коло броду
Стоїть гора високая
Скажи мені правду
Ой, гаю, мій гаю
Ой, ти дівчина, зарученая
Чи ти, милий, пилом припав
Ой, на горі та жнеці жнуть
Стоїть явір над водою
Хата моя рубленая


13 pages

The Beatles songs for beginners


Let it Be
Hey Jude
For You My Love
A Hard Day's Night

2 pages


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