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Pieces for solos, duets, trios, duets for student and teacher; easy and not so...
Full book with easy navigation through the pdf file.
All parts of this collection available separately:
- Solo Pieces
- Pieces for Duo
- Pieces for Trio
- Ensembles for Student and Teacher
- 6 Easy Preludes
- 5 NOT Easy Preludes
- "Autumn Suite" for trio

45 pages

«KIDS PAGES» Solo Pieces


01. My First Song
02. I Walk Alone
03. Little Waltz
04. Slow Waltz
05. Beyond the Mountains
06. Barcarolle
07. Silent Song
08. Funny Walk
09. Short Walk
10. Dance Invitation
11. Warm Wind
12. Rock’n’Roll
13. Cautious Steps
14. Lullaby
15. Playful Polka
16. Procession
17. In the Garden
18. Around the Flowers
19. Gallant Minuet
20. Tarantella
21. A Bit of Autumn
22. Spring Waltz
23. Hide and Seek
24. I’m a Little Sad
25. Doll’s Song
26. Rain and Wind
27. Gentle Minuet
28. Let’s Dance Together
29. Spring Breeze
30. Under Sail
31. By the Sea
32. I’m Leaving Today
33. Carousel
34. Solar Song
35. In a Bach Style
36. Light Swing
37. True Tale

45 pages

«KIDS PAGES» Pieces for Duo


01. We dance a jig
02. Skipping
03. Little Tango
04. On a Walk
05. Small March
06. My Little Song
07. Milonga
08. Let's Fly With me
09. Mountain Peaks
10. Gigue
11. Gigue (The Campaign Is Calling For Me)
12. How The Rain Is Walking
13. Down the river
14. Nocturne
15. Inn in the field (Чи то в полі корчомочка) variations on the theme of a Ukrainian folk song
16. In a Passacaglia Style
17. I've Seen The Unicorn
18. Tell me the truth (Скажи мені правду) variations on the theme of a Ukrainian folk song

14 pages

«KIDS PAGES» Pieces for Trio


01. Is that the little well (Чи се ж тая криниченька)
02. Why didn't you come (Чом ти не прийшов)
03. Gray geese flew in (Прилетіли сіри гуси трио)
04. The girl was standing in the hall (Дівка в сінях стояла)

36 pages

Ensembles for Student and Teacher


20 easy pieces without the titles (which you should choose by your own) for pupil and teacher duo

5 pages

«KIDS PAGES» 6 Easy Preludes


I. Andante
II. Andantino
III. Moderato
IV. Allegretto
V. Allegretto
VI. Allegretto

9 pages

«KIDS PAGES» 5 NOT Easy Preludes


I. Andantino
II. Andantino
III. Moderato sostenuto
IV. Andantino
V. Moderato

12 pages

«KIDS PAGES» "Autumn Suite" for trio


I. Autumn Dance - Allegretto
II. Nocturne - Andantino
III. Last Leaves - Allegro


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