method II-title This book is continuation of the MANUAL «STUDYING BY PLAYING».

20 easy solo pieces

20 duets for pupil & a teacher or for pupils duet

Musical examples & CD

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01. Short Walk
02. A Bit of Autumn
03. Warmy Day
04. Skipping
05. Opening Eyes
06. Doll's Song
07. Spring Breeze
08. That's, What I Remember
09. Оrange Hat
10. My Flying Dreams
11. Under Sail
12. Evening Airing
13. Nice Journey
14. I'm Leaving Today
15. Let's Dream
16. Mysterious Story
17. Looking into the clouds
18. I'll not say
19. Together Under An Umbrella
20. True Tale


17. My Little Song
18. Mountain Peaks
19. How The Rain Is Walking
20. I've Seen The Unicorn

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