inosemzevaRussian classic guitarist, musical teacher. Daughter of Kolosov, author of musical collections series for a six-strings guitar "Reading-book of popular music masterpieces".

In 1986-1991 went to Moscow Child's musical school №26 the name of Yrgenson, and then in Academic musical school (college) at MGC the name of Tchaykovsky in Moscow (1995-1998).

In 2003 finished the Moscow govermental classic academy the name of Maymonid. Comes forward as a soloist and in a duet with Asa Selutina, however a greater preference gives to pedagogical work.

Among the students of Inosemzeva are grant holders of the "New names" Fund and laureates of town competitions among student child's musical schools and child's schools of arts.

In November, 2002 on the First Moscow competition "Guitar in the ensemble of XVII - XXI", passing within the framework XIV of the Moscow festival of guitar music the name of. Ivanov-Kramskoy, duet
Inosemzeva - Selutina was awarded with the First prise, and in the same year conquered a 3th prise on a competition "Virtuosos of guitar" in Saint Petersburg.

As a soloist is a laureate III the International competition of the guitar carrying out of "Dnepr constellations" in. To Ukrainian (Kyiv area, Ukraine, 2008 year).

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