Slavonic Tales 2011

On this disk collected works of the Slavic composers,
recorded in different periods of time.


CD Content:

John W. Duarte
Suite "Russiana"
01. Fairy Tale
02. Autumn Song
03. Kalinka

Nikita Koshkin
The Ballads
04. Allegretto
05. Moderato
06. Con Moto
07. Adagio Molto

Viktor Vovk
Sonata No. 1
08. Allegro
09. Largo
10. Allegro

Frederic Chopin
11. Nocturn op.9, No.2

Sergey Rudnev
12. Russian Folk Song "The Snowball Tree" (Oi, da ty kalinyshka)

Stepan Rak
13. Temptation of the Renaissance

14. Ukrainian Folk Song "Galya is bearing the water" (Nese Galya Vodu)
/transcred for guitar by Oleg Boyko/


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