• 1World of Guitar Music
    First solo compact disk disk with classic works by J.S. Bach, D. Scarlatti,
    modern music by J. Rodrigo, spanish scenes by I. Albeniz.

  • 2Classic Guitar
    Disk with the multi-faceted music: from serious works by M. Giuliani and J. Rodrigo,
    to the miniatures of spanish composers and pieses by A. Vinitskij.

  • 3Swinging Life
    On this CD works of jazz, swing direction are presented, mainly, written by A. Vinitskij.

  • 4Spanish & Latin Guitar Music
    On this CD recorded works of spanish and Latin composers.

  • 5Solo album
    Serious classic and modern music by J.S. Bach, F. Sor, A. Barrios, R. Dyens, N. Koshkin.

  • 6Libro Time
    Disk recorded in a duet with a violinist V. Goldovskij. Music is intended for the
    wide audience of listeners.

  • 7Arabesque
    Expressive, melodiс and emotional music of modern composers.

  • 8Slavonic Tales
    On this disk collected works of the Slavic composers, recorded in different periods of time.

  • 9If
    Disk recorded in a collaboration with a flutist Christina Shestak (Kyiv).
    The program includs a works of classic and modern popular music,
    for a wide audience.

  • 10In Blue
    CD recorded with the "HandsOn" band, with a bossa-nova, folk and jazz compositions.